Hosted by the IAFCI Florida Chapter, this year's theme is "Keeping Fraud at Bay". At this conference, you will learn from the world's leading experts, focused on preventative methods, investigative tools, techniques, current & and new trends, and understanding schemes and detection in fighting financial and cybercrime in today’s financial industry of fraud. Our Conference is formatted as a self-directed learning environment with a minimum of 25 sessions.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: FIMSI, Cyber Fraud, Retail, Bust Out, Current Trends, P2P, Unemployment Fraud, Crypto Currency, Emerging Trends, Anti-Money Laundering, Mortgage Fraud, Auto Fraud, Skimming, Scams, and Much More!

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Law Enforcement, Personnel, Corporate Security, Retail, Managers, Loss Prevention, Financial Institutions, Cyber Investigator

Questions, please call the International Office 916-939-5000