2022 IAFCI Complimentary Webinar Hosted by:

DATE: October 26, 2022
TITLE: The Current Check Fraud Ecosystem and how to Combat it Proactively

Check Fraud is on the rise and ever increasing in the USA. All financial institutions are presently being affected by it and are suffering significant fraud losses from it.  Join the IAFCI and it's partnership with Q6 Cyber in an informative and complimentary webinar to learn the latest techniques, tactics and procedures utilized by these global fraudsters in order to proactively combat check fraud in an efficient manner.   We will discuss how the fraudsters are obtaining the checks, identify some of the online vendors who are facilitating this fraud and look into the actual Dark Web forums and channels that coordinate internationally these fraud schemes.

TIME: 1:00 pm EST

12:00 pm CT
10:00 am PST
Note: For IAFCI and CrimeDex Members Only.

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This webinar is restricted to 1,000 attendees. We will have a recorded link posted to the Members Only, Training Events > Webinars & Past Recordings, by the following day. 
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