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IAFCI On-line Application is available for New Members Only

General Instructions:

IAFCI offers 4 types of membership. Please review the Qualifications information before applying.

If applying for "Associate Member" or "Academia" applicant must be sponsored by a member in good standing or vetted/approved by the local chapter prior to acceptance of application.

*Once your application is submitted, your local chapter will review, once approved you will be notified and invoiced for membership by email. 

If you are a "New" IAFCI Member and need assistance please contact 

If you were "Previously" a member of IAFCI, please contact the International Office to Reinstate your membership at 916- 939-5000 or via email at

Two for One Membership is offered during our Membership Drive Months, August & December Only. Both applicants need to apply separately and both applicants need to indicate in the co-applicant box second applicants name. * Symbol indicates required fields.

Detailed Information
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Once a member of the IAFCI, do you plan to join any of our sponsored Industry Groups?
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Misc Information
Authorization Agreement:  I have read the qualifications for membership. I hereby authorize agents of the IAFCI Membership committee to conduct necessary investigation, in compliance with National and Local Law, on my application (or I agree to provide the necessary information) to verify my background and business licensing to determine my eligibility for membership, and to report to the Committee accordingly.
Confidentiality Agreement:  I understand that as a member of IAFCI I may from time to time receive information of a sensitive and confidential nature. Specifically, information gathered through the IAFCI Network and Website is sensitive and shall remain confidential. I agree to preserve the confidentiality of all information obtained through the IAFCI and not to disclose it to anyone except within the confines of my employment duties and responsibilities.
Once your application is submitted for review and approved by your local chapter an invoice for your membership will be sent by email with instructions to pay your membership fees on line or by check. 

Thank you for your support!