IAFCI Presents... The PROTECTORS Podcast

About the Podcast

Presented by the IAFCI From ATM Skimming to Human Trafficking, The Protectors Podcast takes you inside the minds of criminals from around the world with leading experts and the investigators who put them behind bars. Presented by the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI), and hosted by International President, Mark Solomon, and  International Chairman of the Board, Michael Carroll. 

The Protectors is a bi-weekly podcast that aims to educate consumers on the fraud, financial, and cybercriminal activities that are happening every second of every day. Don’t become the next victim. The host's and guest's opinions are their own and do not reflect those of management, employers, or sponsors. Listeners are encouraged to contact local or state law enforcement if they suspect being a victim of a crime.  

No crime or evildoer will be left unexposed!

Tune into "The Protectors" and subscribe at https://www.protectorspodcast.com/