The IAFCI Mission

The association, a non-profit international organization, will provide services and an environment within which information about financial fraud, fraud investigation and fraud prevention methods can be collected, exchanged and taught for the common good of the financial payment industry and our global society.

In response to increasing transaction card crime, a group of credit card investigators and law enforcement professionals organized the International Association of Credit Card Investigators (IACCI) in 1968. In 1996, the membership responded to the fraud scene by changing the name of the organization to the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators. IAFCI gives professional investigators national and international investigative capabilities to establish effective financial crimes programs. Members work to eradicate fraudulent financial transactions, to promote a complete exchange of criminal intelligence and to apprehend and prosecute lawbreakers. The expansion of IACCI to IAFCI mirrors that of payment systems use and acceptance throughout the world. Chapters have been formed across the United States, Canada, Europe, Central and South America, Africa and Asia. Members come from all levels of law enforcement, prosecution, security and every segment of the financial transaction industry.

Extending the Long Arm of the Law

Law enforcement professionals throughout the world can maximize their sometimes limited resources by working with IAFCI's members on many types of investigations:

  • IAFCI investigators can track an individual by examining charge and clearing patterns to discover travel destinations, purchases and telephone charges.
  • Investigators can use this information to locate witnesses who can physically identify suspects.
  • The account records often lead to the actual suspect, greatly reducing time and money spent on solving a case.
  • Newly assigned fraud investigators are able to use IAFCI as an immediate source of information and training.
  • IAFCI hosts annual workshops and training conferences through its local chapters for novice and experienced investigators alike.
  • IAFCI supplies law enforcement agencies with information about current fraud schemes, assists in identifying specific suspects and informs members of technological advances that help them better fight crime. Working together to reduce fraud losses, Issuers who are primarily concerned with eradicating fraud losses have a strong ally in IAFCI.
  • IAFCI researches existing statutes in pursuit of the most effective legislation possible to help member's combat fraud.
  • IAFCI members receive a complete International Membership Directory listing invaluable investigative contacts worldwide. IAFCI News: Quarterly newsletters alert IAFCI members to the latest schemes of fraud criminals. The IAFCI International Annual Training Seminar: Members have the opportunity to learn a variety of fraud prevention techniques from their peers throughout the world. Members are also taught the latest technological advances and in-the-field instructions to stop fraud. The IAFCI Network: Members gain access to a secure international electronic fraud information network that allows them to broadcast warnings to all participating members and request investigative assistance.

Manufacturers can Revitalize their Security

Because payment systems security begins with the manufacturing process, manufacturers must maintain the highest standards of security. IAFCI members work closely with card and check/check manufacturers to help improve and perfect physical security, internal audit controls and product storage and delivery. Innovative techniques and new technology are the result of all levels of interaction in the fields of investigation and loss prevention.

Business Opportunities for Corporate Members

There are many financial rewards for corporate members of IAFCI. You can:

  • Work with leading banks and with card and travelers' check issuers to understand the options and discounts available; advertise in the quarterly newsletter.
  • Exhibit your products to members around the world who attend the annual International Training Seminar and discover new business opportunities by supplying technology to solve problems affecting the industry.

Members Bring Expertise to IAFCI

A member's eligibility to join IAFCI is determined by that member's relationship to the association's investigative focus on training and communication.
Members are classified in four categories: 

  • Corporate Membership: Full time employees of financial institutions engaged in any of the following: Prevention, education, detection, analysis, investigation, apprehension, or prosecution of the financial transaction or cyber fraud offender.
  • Law enforcement Membership: Full time government law enforcement officer, prosecutor or other officials responsible for investigating, apprehending and prosecuting financial crimes offenders in their respective agencies.
  • Associate Membership: Part-time law enforcement/government employee, part-time private sector, employee, full-time/part-time college/university faculty, retired law enforcement.
  • Academia Membership: Full-Time/Part-Time College/University Student.
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